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Here one can still hear the harmonious sounds of different languages and the songs of crickets and nightingales. Here one can imbibe the traditional values of the villages and fishermen. Here one can rest the soul in the shadow of centuries-old oak trees and authentic stancija rural homesteads surrounded by quiet fields watched over by small churches with bell gables, or take in the maritime atmosphere of the waterfront in nearby Karigador. Brtonigla is special in that it lies on four types of soil - all four types of soil found in Istria, namely, find their meeting point here. It's also member of the Italian association “Città del vino”.

The magical atmosphere of the old town centre is complemented with the Church of St. Zenon and Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery. A charming church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes (Radini) and the remains of the old fortress are also nearby.

Visit the Škarline Nature Park with its verdant canyon and creek - you can even visit the heart of the earth in the natural phenomenon of the Mramornica cave, the interior of which speleologists’ number among the largest and most beautiful subterranean caverns in Istria.

Folk festivities are an opportunity to discover Brtonigla and its inhabitants in a truly unique way. Some of the most fascinating events are the Choco & Wine Fest (February), the Istrian Malvasia Festival (June), Colours of Tradition (July), St Roch Feast Day (August), Mushroom Days (October) and many others. The first warm days are an invitation to visit the most entertaining waters in Istria - those of the Mirna River. The 80 thousand square metres of Istralandia Aquapark and the 1.6 kilometres of water slides guarantee a full day of fun for all tastes and ages.